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The Website for Bus Pass Users, or those who would like to be

This website has been established as an 'unofficial' website by two bus pass holders (Ted & Fred, based in North East England) with the objective of providing information and a voice for bus pass users. In general bus pass facilities for older people and disabled people is very popular, but there are inevitably issues which users will wish to raise. We welcome your comments on bus passes and other issues, and where common threads of problems and ideas arise, we'll take the issues up with the authorities. A browse of our 'In the news' topics show some of the issues which are arising.

Please use this form to send any comments/enquiries to us that you wish.

FAQ: Bus passes issued in England, Scotland, Wales or N Ireland are only valid in the country of issue. e.g A bus pass issued in England is not valid in Scotland. There are some arrangments where a journey is commenced e.g. Near the border of England which continues into Wales where cross 'border' travel is allowed using a bus pass. But you wouldn't be able to commence a journey in e.g. Swansea using an English, Scots or N Ireland bus pass.

We welcome information about your experiences in whatever you wish to tell us, including :
obtaining a bus pass, using your bus pass, and using bus services.

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